Professional Instructor Team

Villari's Martial Arts Centers has been teaching Self Defense to families for over 35 years. We understand that effective Self Defense is as much a matter of confidence as physical technique. That is why we use Positive Reinforcement Techniques and Goal Setting to help our students develop a strong self-image as they realize their physical capabilities.

Master Firestone, master

Master Jeff Firestone has been the chief instructor of Villari’s Martial Arts Center of Simsbury since 1992.

Mr. Smith, instructor

Mr. Smith currently holds the rank of fourth degree black belt, making him the most advanced the member of our dojo.

Sophie Firestone, instructor

Sophie Firestone is currently a junior at Simsbury High School and a first degree black belt. 

Sean Bryne, instructor

Sean Byrne started training in martial arts when he was 20 yrs. old. He received prior training from the U.S. Marine Corps called MCMap (Marine Coprs Martial Arts).

Jason Child

Jason Child, instructor

Jason Child is a second degree black belt and has been practicing karate for almost 13 years.

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