Dojo Etiquette

When entering the dojo at Villari's Martial Arts Center, bowing is not only a promise of respect; it is an important way of putting yourself into the right frame of mind for your martial arts training, and demonstrating your black belt leadership attitude. We expect our students to maintain a high level of respect at all times to instructors, fellow students and other people.

Please be sure to arrive to your classes on time, place your shoes and jackets neatly in the vestibule. Remember to keep your uniform clean. Wearing jewelry and chewing gum is prohibited because it can accidentally hurt you or someone else. We encourage students to practice daily at home 5 to 10 minutes and maintain the  consistency in class attendance.

Family members and friends observing from the waiting area should avoid causing a loud level of noises or other disturbances during classes, watch over their young children and clean up after them.


Facility Virtual Tour

To navigate the tour click and drag on the photo to move in 360 degrees. Click the arrows to advance to the next position. Please note it may take a moment for the 360 image to load over the map.