Belt Ranking System

Belts provide challenging, but attainable short term goals toward what may seem like a difficult and unattainable long term goal of Black Belt excellence. In Villari's system, each belt has a specific curriculum and time requirement which slowly increases with each rank. The time required to achieve Black Belt does also vary by individual development. Most students will complete the curriculum in four to six years.

The rank system starts with the White Belt. Followed by Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown and Black Belts. In addition, there is an advanced level to Blue and Green Belts.There are three levels of Brown Belt and twelve degrees of Black Belt. The 12th degree Black Belt represents the system's Great Grand Master, Frederick J. Villari.


Advancement to the next rank is designed to be a confidence building event:

At the graduation ceremony, students are awarded their next belt and a diploma. Family and friends are invited to accompany students at the ceremony.

Graduations are administered by Master Firestone where students demonstrate their skills and progress in the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate.

Students graduating will be notified approximately ten days prior to the graduation date, and graduation fees are due in advance of that date. Additional family members are eligible for a discounted registration fee.

Colors of Character Program

There is more to Karate than learning to kick and punch. Villari's Color of Character program was created to balance children's physical development with the concepts of Self Control, Respect and Self Discipline.

The program consist of a series of exercises designed to help parents instill and strengthen their child's understanding of these core character traits. As the student progresses through the ranks, the assignments will become more involved.

Each exercise is reviewed in class and with the completion of it, children are awarded a colord bar to be affixed to their Colors of Character patch. These colored bars correspond with the colored belt ranks, altogether there are seven colors to achieve.