Dear Master Firestone:

Tara and I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the work you have put in with Gavin! He is really flourishing since he started with you. We do the best we can to show him to respect our elders, take responsibility for our actions and only judge based on character.

Since he started at your dojo, we have seen an increase in his self discipline and self control, especially. Whether Gavin earns his Black Belt eventually or he decides that is not for him, we are truly grateful for you and your instructors' influence. Be well and all the best to you, yours and your instructors.

All the Best,

Brian and Tara Kaczor


Elias is responding really well to your classes and program. He has been talking about and also showing more self control and self discipline. He has been very focused on keeping his room tidy even after he earned the equivalent card. I really think it is having a profoundly positive effect on his development.
Thank you!

Katie & Eric

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for writing Kyle's reference letter for a possible summer position as a camp counselor.  It will be a good opportunity for him to build on the leadership skills he has developed with you.

In addition to playing three sports at the high school, I think you also know that he is part of the Simsbury Police Cadet Program.  What's great about this program is that he can use a lot of the values learned in karate.  He was also just awarded for the year the: "Advisor Award."  The cadet chosen for the Advisor Award must show near perfect attendance, high test grades, quick learning abilities, good morals and ethics, as well as solid growth within the program.  Kyle tends to be modest about these things but it is clear to me that what he has learned in the many years training with you have definitely made a difference in his development as a young man and citizen within the community.