Master Jeff Firestone has been the chief instructor of Villari’s Martial Arts Center of Simsbury since 1992. He first started his training with the Villari Organization after he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Through hard work and dedication, he eventually became an assistant instructor at the studio where he combined his enthusiasm for martial arts with his passion for teaching.

Master Firestone believes in promoting the individual student’s development so that they realize their greatest potential. He welcomes all who desire to learn regardless of their athletic ability and fitness level, as well as those who may have learning challenges. In utilizing the ‘Three Rules of the School’ (Self Control, Respect for Others, and Self Discipline) in every lesson, Master Firestone looks to not only create a quality martial artist, but a person of good character who contributes positively to their family, school, and community.

Over the years, Master Firestone has led his students in giving back to the community both nationally and locally by organizing and promoting charity fund raisers within the school. The Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Red Cross Disaster Relief, the Sandy Hook Fund, and a local family whose son needed a liver transplant were all beneficiaries of the school’s fund raising efforts. Individually, Master Firestone has help to raise tens of thousands of dollars for Simsbury schools by providing after school enrichment programs that benefitted the schools’ PTO funds.

Master Firestone is a long time resident of Simsbury. One of the aspects of being a town resident that he enjoys the most is meeting and catching up with former students and their parents.